Welcome to my blog

Hi, my name is Giannis, and I am an avid cybersecurity professional who takes a keen interest in emerging technologies, geopolitics, and sports. My roots go back to Athens, Greece, but in 2012, I took the leap and moved to London to pursue my academic career.

In 2020, I co-founded Leo CybSec, a cyber security start-up that provides top-notch services and products to industries ranging from banking, tech, finance, and telecom to insurance and oil & gas. With offices in London, Dubai, and Athens, our services cater to the needs of clients from various corners of the world.

My extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity includes serving as a Security Advisor at the European Union and the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK, leading the Security Awareness and Culture Program at Just Eat in 2018, and working for prominent organizations such as AON, Worldpay, Vodafone, and Pearson. Before moving to London, I worked as a Private Computer Science Tutor and a System Engineer in Greece and as a Customer Service Advisor at Hellenic Telecommunications Organization.

Apart from my work in cybersecurity, I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest geopolitical strategies and emerging technologies. I am a friend of the environment, cherish animals (especially cats and dogs), and take great pleasure in giving back to the community. I am also a mentor at Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Technical Steering Committee Member of Project ASLAN.

In my leisure time, I love engaging in sports activities such as football and basketball. However, the one thing that excites me the most is the opportunity to make a difference in the world. I firmly believe that giving back to the community and sharing your ideas can be a fulfilling experience that benefits not only those around you but also helps you grow as an individual.

Hence, I have decided to take the first step and share my expertise in security through this blog. Through my articles, I aim to discuss the latest industry trends, provide insights into emerging technologies, and share my knowledge and experience with those who share my passion for life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, and I hope you enjoy my upcoming blog posts.